Forum Title: Medicine Cabinet Install Over Tile
While I was tiling my vanity walls I forgot about the medicine cabinets I'm going to install. The cabinets go from 77 down to 44. I brought my tile line up to 60. So with the current setup the bottom of the cabinets will screw thru the tile. While the top will screw into sheet rock. I could put some shims behind the top of the medicine cabinet to get things plumb. Will anyone notice that? I'm guessing it will be tough to see because the vanity depth will prevent anyone from leaning in to see the 1/2 gap behind the top of the medicine cabinet. An alternative is to tile up to 84 - two more rows of 12 tall tiles. Or I could tile up to 96 - same as the adjacent wall. I'm leaning AGAINST this because 1) the grout lines on the adjacent wall don't lineup with the vanity wall grout lines. You can see that in the pic. Rookie tiler. 2) I've already painted the walls. 3) I've got to cut holes into the tile for the 3 sconces. Any other solutions you guys see to my oversight? Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
Category: Tile Post By: Timothy Gob (Lehigh, PA), 03/10/2019

Folks will notice. If you use shims, cut them flush, then tack a piece of molding over the sides. Or use something of equal thickness to the finished tile surface, all the wall up.

- NICOLE GOMEZ (Deltona, FL), 05/13/2019

Are you putting on anything to cap the tiles?? Shim it and wrap in bullnose or pencil or whatever your capping with.

- Lesley Ford (West Palm Beach, FL), 05/24/2019

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